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London is open data

London’s leadership has committed to an idea of openness, recognising the value of new ideas and perspectives in furthering its position as a world-class city.

And, for a multitude of reasons, it has been able to join an elite group of technological ecosystems responsible for driving seismic changes in the world as we know it.

At its foundation, the capital’s infrastructure is an extraordinary feat of engineering perfectly designed to fuel growth.

Added to this is a well-established set of industries in the financial, professional services and media spaces and a hugely diverse population with distinctive pockets of cultural significance. And of course, it is the home to a government playing a key role on the global political stage.

There are several elements that have contributed to its position as a technology powerhouse:

  • Its attitude to talent - its openness to new ideas and commitment to enhancing Londoners’ skills

  • Its ability to fuse government and industry together on an aligned path to equip talent with the optimal resources

  • Its position on collaboration, with institutions and organisations both within and outside of the capital

  • The progress it has been making around tapping the extraordinary potential of open data

There is no doubt that it is in a strong position to supercharge its reputation as a smart city. We can now build upon the foundations created by considering everything from data and talent through to infrastructure and ideas.

It is only in this way that we can confidently say that London really is open.

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