London has become a world class hub for digital technology. We believe the best way to be a part of the opportunity is by meeting and building relationships with those who are driving it's growth.

Tech City Ventures was founded just that in mind. We are a not-for-profit on a mission to build a community of interaction between leading corporates, government and educational institutions, and the startups, investors and accelerators at the heart of the emerging industry.

'Tech City Intro' is a fortnightly group 'tour' led by one of our Tech City Ambassadors. Tours are open to the public, and designed as a first introduction to London's tech clusters, leading startups and investors.

'Tech City Connect' is a uniquely customised group immersion session, designed to get you and your group in touch with key players in the industry, learn about how it all started, and the opportunities that lie ahead.


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Tech City Connect can be customised to focus on a particular theme, or built bespoke to suit your organisation. 

Tech City Intro

Get your ticket and join our fortnightly afternoon tour, followed by networking drinks. Learn about the startup ecosystems, network and connect with people in the Tech Scene.


Tech City Connect

Let us design you a custom full or half day group session. Perfect for companies, brands, government organisations and any groups that want to learn from and connect with the future of London tech.